July 13, 2017


Research shows that 3 out of 4 women in America who color their hair gained roots. New growth can be annoying, especially if any percentage of gray hair is a factor. The more you have, the more noticeable the line marking where your colored hair begins and your new growth starts.

On average, women’s hair will grow a half to a full inch every 4 weeks.  For some women, within only few weeks new growth is visible and may become bothersome. While the hair coloring business is booming, a lot of women find it difficult to have the time and money for such periodic trips to the salon.

Here are 4 effortless ways to help you cover these stubborn roots at home:

  1. Adding Highlights. One of the manyways to stretch out yourcolor includes adding highlights to break up the line and make new growth less noticeable. 
  2. ApplySemi-Permanent Color. Between permanent color touch ups, apply a semi-permanent color at home to maskyour new growth.
  3. Use Root Cover-Up Product. Another relatively new solution that’sgaining popularity isroot cover-up products. This hair “make-up” is applied to your new growth just along your part and hairline for a quick and easy temporary fix.

The best example of a root cover-up product is CoverAge by Protégé Beauty. CoverAge is a premium instant root concealer that will completely hide your roots until you wash your hair. What’s more awesome about this product is that it is neat and clean to apply. With a dual-tip precision brush that is specially engineered for applying powder to your hair, it allows for accurate application and doesn’t leave any extra powder behind. You will cover your roots and nothing else. No blotches on your scalp. CoverAge is also available in 6 different colors and it blends seamlessly with your natural hair color to create the perfect match.

More great news! You can get Protégé Beauty CoverAge today at a 50% off price bargain. Click here. The offer is available for a limited time only, so grab it now to easily & completely cover your roots at a great introductory price! Amazing, isn’t it?



  1. Try Powder or Aerosol Formula. If you find it unappealing and worried about stickiness or wish to fill in thinning areas, try a powder or aerosol formula. Cream and pen formulas dry matte and cover well, but do feel a bit heavier and should be kept off the scalp. Based on experience, product transfer is minimal but if you don’t shampoo at night, you may want to sleep on old pillowcase just in case.

Whether you think you’d use a temporary color product religiously once grays appear or occasionally to spiff up for an important meeting or event between touch ups, I think they are well worth the investment. Get your roots covered and feel more confident today by implementing one of the 4 ways above. Happy root concealing!

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