5 Health and Wellness Tips for Summer

June 21, 2017

Summer is here (or at least, almost). In any case, it's time to get ready and be prepared for the heat, the sun, and hopefully lots of beach time.

 Although a lot of people love this season, it can be challenging to stay healthy. Between too much sunshine and too much BBQ, our bodies often suffer. So let's not let this happen this year. Follow these 5 health tips for a happy and healthy summer:

1. Protect against that sun!

Yep, a nice tan can be really pretty but try to think a little more long term: your skin is your biggest organ and the body registers every sunburn for life so make sure to avoid them by applying sunscreen every couple of hours. Don't be shy and keep in mind that it's better to have less of a tan than to deal with skin cancer later on in life.



We can't stress this enough! Especially if you work out outside, and spend a lot of time in the sun, make sure to pack extra water and drink it throughout the day. Not only can dehydration lead to headaches, dizziness and fainting but also, your nutrients won't get absorbed properly if you body doesn't have enough water and that can lead to health issues and constipation.


3. Eat light!

Yes, it's true, summer is BBQ and grilling season and there are plenty of delicious vegan options for this. Now keep in mind that it can be harder for your body to digest heavy meals when it's hot out so try include more raw foods in your diet. Also, summers is peak season in most places for fresh delicious produce that can often be eaten on the go, without much cooking - so go for it!


4. Pay attention to your allergies

Make sure to talk to your doctor about allergy season if you have suffered from the previously and avoid doing cardio workouts outside when it's peak allergy time for you. This will unnecessarily drain your body and it's honestly not fun to work out when breathing is heavy and your nose is running. After the rain or early morning/later at night, when pollen counts are less high, are good times to be outside and you can easily get a good cardio workout in indoors as well.


5. Relax!

Between bikini body and weekend trips, we can get exhausted and tired with a busy, sometimes high pressure, summer season. Give your body enough rest, get some pampering sessions in and just take care of your mental health without putting too much pressure on yourself and on looks.

 Hope these tips help for you to stay healthy during the warm months! :)

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