5 Ways to Unwind After Work

May 05, 2017

5 Ways to Unwind After Work

Having Trouble Letting Go of the Workday?

You've put in a hard day and deserve some time to rest. But having a relaxing evening can be tough with a handful of kids to watch, a supper to make, or a sink full of dishes to tackle. 

Discover five ways that can help you recoup after a day at the workplace - and still be there for your family.


Leave Work at Work

Make it a clean break!

It's vital to leave work where it belongs - in the office and not in the home. This will help your mind relax when you're back at your place. Try to avoid checking your work email when you get home and concentrate on your family or friends instead. Once it hits 5pm you have the whole day to enjoy other things in your life. It will make the day much more interesting!


Sit in Silence

Give yourself time to unwind. This can easily be down by putting the blackberry away on the train home or avoiding the radio on the drive through rush hour. If you allow yourself time to just absorb your day, then you'll probably have more energy to devote to other people once you arrive at home.


Change Your Clothes When You Get Home

This can help you switch gears and feel more relaxed once you step through the door. And really, who wants to be in pantyhose or a button-up shirt all day?


Have a Hobby

Remember when you had hobbies as a kid?

You'll tend to perform better at your job - and be a better parent or spouse - when you have other interests in your life. Teach yourself to play guitar, take evening classes, learn to play tennis, or sharpen your baking skills. Your hobby will be a great way to unwind after work!


Enjoy Happy Hour or a Family Meal

Happy hour might not be something you could easily attend or would even want to go to. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy the company of others. Get together with another family for a weekly meal together. You will only have to cook for it once every other week - and it will be as much fun for your kids as it is for you.

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