May 05, 2017

We’ve been using brow gel last in order to set everything and keep the naughty hairs inline. Makes total sense. But have you tried this? When you apply the gel then the pencil, something gorgeous happens! The hairs are wet, making the pencil more intense (the same way eyeshadow is more intense when you wet the brush first) and last longer! It’s a win-win, everybody!


  • Your favorite brow gel
  • Your favorite eyebrow pencil

Here’s how:

1. Apply the brow gel first.

2. Fill them in.

But wait, there’s more. Makeup takes time and for those lazy girls (or even for those who are not) out there, try growing your eyebrows permanently making it bolder without need of using gels and pencils. Yes, it is really possible! Check out NaturalLASH - Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancement Serum - Grow More Thicker Longer Lashes & Brows and you’ll definitely see and feel the difference. No more tricks!


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