DIY Contour Brush

May 05, 2017

DIY Contour Brush


  • A Powder Brush
  • Two Bobby Pins 
  • Your Favorite Contouring Powder


1. Grab a powder brush.


2. Pinch it in between the fingers of your non-writing hand as shown.


3. Slide a bobby pin across one side to secure the pinch.


4. Flip to the other side and secure the pinch. If you can, cross the pins so they lock in place. If you can’t, it’s okay too.


5. Sweep your new contour brush against the bronzing powder.


6. Suck in your cheeks and contour under your cheekbones.


7. Sweep it along your jawline.


8. Sweep it along your hairline as well.


9. Finish along the sides of your nose.

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