DIY Cream Blush

May 05, 2017

DIY Cream Blush

Powder blush always looks well, like powder that sits on top of the skin. It’s super pretty,  but cream blush gives a fresh-faced look which powder blush can’t give. But let’s be honest: no one will believe it’s an actual flush. You just look like you love wearing makeup, hence the term “looking made up”. Which is our divine right! But when you want to use makeup to strategically enhance, define, accentuate and look more awake, you have to use different techniques and different products. In this case, we want to mimic that “in love” glow, so we would switch to a cream blush and stipple into the skin. But if you don’t have one handy, convert your powder blush into onel! Here’s how:


  • Your favorite powder blush
  • Your favorite moisturizer
  • A precision tip cotton swab
  • Your favorite blush brush


1. Dip your finger into the moisturizer to grab a pea-sized amount.


PS: My personal favorite moisturizer is from Protégé Beauty, EmFACEize Fortified Daily Defense Cream. I love this moisturizer simply because it does its job and it does not have a strong scent when added to the powder blush. Plus, there are so many skin benefits from its natural ingredients.

2. Swirl it in the palm of your hand. This thins it out and warms it up with your body’s temperature so it will melt together better.


3. Slide the cotton swab across the powder blush with a little pressure to pick up a small amount of product.

4. Now roll the cotton swab into the thinned-out cream in the palm of your hand.


5. Swirl your magic solution around with your finger until it’s all mixed together.


6. Dab the blush brush into the solution to load it up.


7. Fake smile in the mirror to find the apples of the cheek and start on the top half as you stipple the brush from there along the top of your cheekbones. Some love to keep it concentrated on the apples only while others like to do a high corner flush, more towards the temples.

Note: Basically, if your face is very angular or bony, stick to the apples to add fullness. If your face is rounder or you’re a little heavier right now, suck in your cheekbones and concentrate the blush there (and follow the hollow with a bronzing powder to contour and thin them out!).

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