Geode Nails

May 05, 2017

Geode Nails


  • Paintbrush
  • Metal tray 
  • Nail Polish Remover 
  • White Nail Polish 
  • Dark Purple Nail Polish 
  • Light Purple Nail Polish 
  • Dark Teal Nail Polish 
  • Pale Blue Nail Polish 
  • Rose Gold Nail Polish 
  • Gold Glitter Polish 
  • Clear coat



1. Do a fresh coat of white polish on your nails. (You could do any color as a base.)


2. Use a paintbrush that has some texture to it.


3. Use a metal tray or even a disposable piece of plastic, or glass you can clean off. Make a tiny puddle of your dark purple polish.


4. Dip the brush into the dark purple and create an uneven line of peaks and valleys across 2 or 3 of your finger nails.


5. Next, dip your brush into a cap of nail polish remover to clean off the dark purple. Then take your lighter purple and follow the previous lines of the dark purple


6. Do the same using your dark teal.


7. Repeat with using light blue. Don’t try to make your lines perfect. Blurred lines are good. In fact, you may leave some of the polish remover to stay on the brush because it helps blend the colors even more.


8. Now take your rose gold color (or gold or silver if you prefer) and hold the brush straight up and down, dabbing the rose gold. This will create teeny tiny dots instead of lines and it will make a good base for your sparkle polish.


9. Use the glitter polish of your choice over the top of the metallic, also dabbing with the brush straight up and down.


10. This step is optional. The nail polish remover is now a murky tone with all the colors mixed together. Take your brush, put it in the muddy color and did a quick swipe over each geode section. It will blend the colors even more.


11. Wait until they’re dry and add your clear coat.

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