May 05, 2017

A lot of us who aren’t endowed with big plump lips are intimidated by bright lipstick, fearing it will only make our lips look smaller. But there is a little subtle trick we can do to make them look a little plumper. Because any time we highlight something, we make it appear “raised” out. So never rock a red lip without doing this ever again! Here’s how:


  • Your Favorite Concealer 
  • Your Favorite Bright Lipstick 
  • An EyeShadow Buffing Brush


1. Dab the buffing brush across the top of the concealer stick to load it up.

2. Start at an outer corner and sweep the brush along the perimeter of the lip area towards the cupid’s bow.

3. Continue sweeping the brush from the cupid’s bow to the other corner.

4. Repeat on the bottom lip perimeter.

5. Now buff it in along the top lip perimeter.

6. And continue buffing it in along the bottom lip perimeter.

7. Finish by filling in the lip area with the bright lip color like you usually would!

Voila! No more worries for bright red lipstick look. But you know what’s the most interesting secret I’ll be sharing now? It’s the trick that will save you from this trick. Make your lips look fuller and plumper with this beauty-must-have Lip Service - Collagen Lip Plumper. It will deliver permanent results, saving you from concealers and makeup illusions. Good luck pretties!


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