LIP TREND ALERT! Dark and Stormy Bold Lips

May 05, 2017

LIP TREND ALERT! Dark and Stormy Bold Lips

An all-time favorite lip trend so far - deep mahogany or wine lip aka vamp lip. But this one is less purple-based and a little more brown/red based. This shade is definitely friendly to all skintone, looks gorgeous to anyone!

Typically it’s paired with a more simple eye makeup as not to compete with it, but these tips will show you that you can still rock a smoky eye to pair with a bold lip. Here’s how:


  • Your favorite Mahogany lipstick 
  • A matching lip pencil 
  • A hydrating lip balm


1. In case you forget, moisturize your lips first before anything else. 
2. Work on the rest of your face makeup while letting the lip balm penetrate on the lip. 
3. After your face makeup, lightly blot off the lip balm using a tissue. 
4. Grab the lip pencil and line the perimeter of the li


5. Continue using the lip pencil in filling in the entire lip area.

6. Apply the lipstick directly on top of the filled in lips. Apply thickly. Press hard to really coat the lips.

Trick: If you want to make it last longer, blot your lips with a tissue after Step #6 and add one more coat.


And don’t forget, wear with CONFIDENCE.



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