Mani Must-Haves

May 05, 2017

Mani Must-Haves

This is for mani lovers everywhere…

Crystal Nail File

Emery boards are not an option anymore. Although a crystal nail file appears smooth, it files nails just as well as any other file and the texture of a crystal nail file creates a smoother edge, creating less cracks, chips and breaks.


Gentle Nail File

This will be ideal for anyone with fragile nails because you want to preserve the strength of the nail and not rough it up too much. It’s smooth as well and a tiny bit less expensive. (But if you can spend a few more dollars go with number 1!)


Cuticle Nipper

Make sure to find those that never fails to give you the clean cut. And here’s a safe way on how to use it:

1. Cut around the cuticle without lifting the skin.
2. Cut straight across without pulling.


Cuticle Pusher

Cuticle pushers are used to push the cuticle off of the nail bed without ripping or damaging the skin.  Here’s how to safely remove the cuticle off the nail bed:

1. Hold the metal cuticle pusher in your hand like you would hold a pencil.
2. Press the scooped, spoon-like end of the tool against your cuticle gently.
3. Push the cuticle back as much as you'd like.

Note: Be gentle -- if you press down too hard, you may injure yourself or damage your nail.


Non-acetone Polish Remover Wipes

Wipe away nail polish in one shot with polish remover wipes. Remover pads not only leave nails polish-free, but also work to condition cuticles. Plus, it can be a great travel buddy for desperate redos.


No-spill Acetone Dispenser

Sometimes we just like to use real acetones. We know it’s bad, so try not to use it much. But when you do, you have to have a no-spill dispenser. You push the top down using a pad or paper towel and avoid the dreaded acetone spill - avoids mess, plus controls the amount you use for your nails.


Cuticle Cream

Give your cuticles the care they deserve with cuticle creams. Use a specially formulated one to moisturize and soften dry cuticles. Manicure is not just about beautifying your nails with fancy colors and polishes, but taking care of them too, by keeping them healthy and strong.


Antifungal Cuticle Oil

Some people get fungus in the cuticle area of their nails or underneath. That causes breakage and brittleness. Avoid that by adding some drops of this as instructed.


No-light Gel Polish

Gel polish helps nails grow because it’s harder than regular polish but you don’t need the UV light, which sometimes irritates fingers (especially for those with sensitive skin). Gel polish can be peeled off easily - saves you from acetone. LOL

Note: The topcoat is the “key” when using gel polishes.


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