May 05, 2017

As a ‘wash and wear’ kinda gal with very thick, difficult-to-style hair, I’m a big fan of any techniques that can give me a magnificent mane with minimal effort. In my experience, what you do before bedtime can drastically alter the condition of your hair in the morning – and what could be easier than styling your hair while catching some sleep? Here’s how you can literally fall into bed and wake with luscious locks….

Luscious curls

Lusting after luscious curls but don’t have time to do battle with a curling iron? A simple rope braid can get you there. For best results, towel-dry hair leaving it slightly damp.

1. Divide into 2 sections from top to bottom.
2. Braid with 2 two pieces of hair, ‘rolling’ each section towards inwards and down to the nape of your neck, picking up hair every time you twist a piece of hair over.
3. Secure at the bottom with hair elastics.

If you have very straight hair or just want your curls to last longer, a spritz of strong-holding hairspray along the length of each braid can work wonders, ensuring curls stay bouncy and giving them a bit of extra shine. Simply loosen the plaits in the morning to awaken to beautiful, salon-worthy curls.

Top tip: To prevent strands escaping from your braids overnight, wear a hairnet.


Loose waves

To wake up with loose, Victoria’s Secret-style waves, follow the steps below:

1. Wash and towel dry your hair.
2. While it’s still a bit damp, twist it high on your head and secure with a strong, snag-free elastic band to create a loose bun. If you have thicker hair or just want to give your waves a bit more oomph, we recommend applying a small amount of wave-enhancing product to your hair before you put it up.
3. Then simply release the bun in the morning to enjoy full, wavy tresses!

Top tip: While you want it to stay secure through the night, make sure the bun isn’t too tight to avoid creating unsightly kinks.


Smooth and sleek

Girls with frizzy, unmanageable hair take note: you have the most to benefit from heat-free styling. To get the sleek hair you’ve always dreamed of, here’s how:

1. Simply towel-dry your hair leaving it a bit damp.
2. Then brush it back into a smooth, low ponytail.
3. Twist your pony repeatedly around your fingers until it’s almost dried (you can do this easily while watching TV!).

For best results, wear your twisted pony to bed, releasing it in the morning for sleek, smooth locks.

For hair that’s particularly unmanageable, we recommend using a leave-in hair treatment overnight. Apply a small amount evenly through hair prior to styling, paying particular attention to the ends.

Top tip: For best results when applying a serum, run a wide-tooth comb through your hair to ensure every strand is coated.

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