Tackle Acne and Aging Simultaneously

May 05, 2017

Tackle Acne and Aging Simultaneously

It’s easy to think you can only tackle acne OR aging, but not both at the same time. So if  we have acne, we just focus on that because it’s an immediate issue, and we don’t think we have the luxury to worry about the future, or we think an anti-wrinkle cream will break us out. Well here’s a proposed nighttime routine to battle both simultaneously the way that I do! Every night, start with your favorite anti-acne product, but only apply it thinly in the areas that you need it. Then quickly switch to your favorite anti-aging cream and apply it over the areas that you don’t worry about now but will creep up on you later!

Here’s how:


  • Look for an anti-acne medication that has soothing formulas that won’t cause a third problem: irritation. Try X-ZIT Acne Control Cream that uses a more natural approach. But if you have found one that works for you, stick with it!
  • Your favorite anti-aging creams/serums. I personally like this one VITAMIN C-RUM - Vitamin C Serum because of it’s powerful vitamin C. Or you may also try A+CTIVE Triple-Infused Retinol Serum if you’re for more actives in your serum like hyaluronic acid and sorbic acid!



1. Pump the size of a half-pea onto the palm of your hand.


2. Slap your hands back and forth like you’re dusting them off to really thin it out across your fingers.


3. Quickly swipe your fingers against your cheeks like you’re wiping off something that landed on them.


4. Repeat on your forehead (if that’s an acne-prone area for you).


5. Swipe them along the top and sides of your nose.


6. Finally swipe them across your chin.



1. Pump a couple times onto your fingertips.


2. Wipe your fingers back and forth against each other to spread it evenly.


3. Dab it under your eyes (not too close so it doesn’t creep in while you’re sleeping and irritate them, causing puffiness) as well as on the upper lids themselves.


4. Dab it along your lip lines and nasal labial lines.


5. Finish by patting the rest over your neck and chest.


Just remember, if you spend your twenties and thirties only concerned about clear skin, you’re missing years that you could have had under your belt tackling future wrinkles that one day appeared out of nowhere when you look in the rear-view mirror  at a stop light. It’s the one thing I wish I could tell my younger self regarding skincare… And don’t forget sunscreen!!

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