The Cat Eye Perfector

May 05, 2017

The Cat Eye Perfector

So many of us have given up on a cat eye because the wing can be so problematic. I totally get it! But there a ways to fix even the worst wing without starting over! And as an added bonus, it subtly highlights the wing, drawing attention to it! Here’s how to pull it off and not have to find a Q-tip and makeup remover:


  • Your Favorite Wing Maker
  • Your Favorite Concealer · 
  • A Flat-edged Lip Brush



1. Swipe the brush against the concealer.


2. Sweep it against the top of your hand a couple times to thin it out.


3. Place it where you want to erase the fat or wobbly underside of the wing and press it down as you sweep it upward. This should take care of erasing it, but if not, go over it one more time.


Important note: If it’s a really important event (like your wedding or prom), do it right with a pointed Q-tip and makeup remover and sweep it along the underside of the wing. But for day to day, this should do the trick!




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