July 31, 2020


There are several factors to consider as to why one may suffer from vaginal dryness – something that can actually occur to women of all ages. Moreover, lack of moisture doesn’t only result in dryness, but it may also cause irritations, and of course, painful sex. But how do we treat this issue and keep our V as healthy as possible? Well, just as it can help nourish the skin and get rid of dryness in other areas of your body, having a good skincare regimen can also help bring back the moisture and hydrate your intimate skin.

But does your feminine area really need an elaborate routine? Honestly, it doesn’t have to be that grand. Remember that the vagina can actually clean itself through natural vaginal discharge, so it is important to remember not to use any product too strong for something so sensitive.

There are a couple more things you may want to consider doing besides keeping a healthy diet and staying hydrated, one vital fact is to avoid using scented products to wash or clean your V as it may cause irritations and may mess up your PH level. Vaginal moisturizers – other than being a more accessible and cheaper option – are also considered as trusted aides to hydrating your vaginal tissues and replenish lost vaginal moisture.

And while there are several brands to choose from, be sure to check the ingredients and the formula used for producing the moisturizer. Luckily, one particular brand produces a vaginal moisturizer that is strictly developed with natural ingredients which makes it completely safe to put on sensitive skin. Protégé Beauty’s V-Topia is an all-natural vaginal moisturizer that contains an effective hydrating formula that helps restore moisture in your vulva, and provide you with relief from any discomfort such as dryness, itching, or flaking of the skin.

There really isn’t much to taking care of your V, it’s already amazing just as it is, but adding special cleansers, or moisturizers to your V-care routine also wouldn’t hurt. Still, be sure to read the label and be certain that there are no ingredients that could potentially harm your intimate skin. 


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