FINALLY REVEALED - The Traits of Women That Attract Men

July 31, 2015

Some women attract men like magnet but if you look at them, you will wonder why. They are not the kind of beauties that will turn heads but men find them irresistibly attractive. Why? Because they have the qualities most men are looking for. Isn’t it exciting to know what most men are looking for in a girl and achieve success in dating men? Discover the traits of women that attract men.

Most men are attracted to women who are not easy to get. Men love challenges and they like women who are a challenge. Being a challenge does not mean playing tricks or games with men but it means sticking with the norm that men usually do the first move and pursue women. Most men lose interest on women who are too aggressive and pursue men, unless they are just looking for a one night stand. One of the traits of women that attract men is that they let men be men and do their job, they let them do all the job of pursuing the girl. If you want men to value, respect and admire you then you have to respect and put value on yourself first. You have to believe that you deserve to be pursued.

Confidence is also one of the traits of women that attract men. If you admire men who are confident, can carry themselves well and in control of their emotions and decisions; it is the same with men, they like women with confidence. Of course being confident is different from being arrogant which men find intimidating. Confident women are sure of themselves and confident on what they do. Men find these qualities really attractive. Most men find it hard to enjoy with women who are so insecure and do not know their worth. For some women, confidence is not something that naturally comes out of them but remember that being confident is something that can be learned. At first, it can be helpful to fake it but eventually you will learn to act confidently. Confidence can be a great asset that can help you become a very attractive woman.

Another one on the list of traits of women that attract men is having a sense of humor. Of all the things that men like about women, making him laugh is probably one of the best traits men find really likeable. Men find women who have the sense of humor to make them laugh really attractive. Women who are not always uptight and can loosen up to make some jokes, make the environment livelier and funny are admirable. Laughter is a great thing to be shared with someone and if you generously share your laughter with a man, he will definitely find it very sexy and attractive.

A woman who handles her life properly attracts men. It is given that life is hard and we sometimes make bad choices and decisions but despite of all we’ve experienced, we have to of course, handle our lives properly. Why do you think most men are dating and looking for traits they want in women? They are not dating just to play but they are looking for someone they want to grow old with and men like women whose lives are in order. A woman who is always in a mess, have too much drama and have difficulties making her life in order could find it really difficult to succeed in the dating game. If your life is so chaotic, how can you make a room for another person in your life? It is best to put your life in order first before starting to date.  One of the traits of women that attract men is the ability to handle their lives well and in control of their situation.

A woman who minds about her looks and her health attracts men. One of the traits of women that attract men is that they mind about their looks and their health. Don’t you feel good when you look good and in good shape? It is the same with men; they feel good when they see women who are pleasant to look at and in good shape. Besides, being in good shape and looking good will not only make you attractive, it is also good for your overall health. A woman who can take care of herself physically says a lot of her character. If you cannot take care of your body, how can you take care of another person in your life? It is admirable to see women who take time to look good and maintain a good shape. You do not have to be sexy and beautiful like those of celebrities or supermodels but you should know when something is wrong that you need to trim down or lose those extra pounds and you should know how to make yourself look pleasant.

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