3 Easy Ways To A Plumper Pout

October 20, 2015

As the Kardashian-Jenner brood are out and about strutting their beauty and fashion style, and as some ladies get too busy trying to plump their pucker like Kylie’s or Kendall’s, it is important to also remember that lips are made to compliment the entire face. There’s always limitation as to how much lip filler can be injected to improve thy pout. Plumper lips are definitely sexy. They bring out a beautiful smile and just make the face look more attractive, so nobody can actually blame people who resort to surgeries and other cosmetic procedures to enhance their lips. But, it has to be done  with consideration to how the other parts of the face look. 

Now, for those who want plumper lips without spending a lot of money, there’s still hope for you. There are natural ways to improve the shape and size of your pucker and it’s summarised into three categories: lip exercise, exfoliation, and lip plumper.   

Lip Exercise

Although it may sound ridiculous to exercise the lips, you might want to try it and realize that it actually makes sense. Exercising your pucker could strengthen the muscles around your mouth. The exercise has to be done daily for 1 month and then you could do it at least 3 times a week after that.    

Smile and Kiss. Smile as wide as you can while your lips are closed. Don’t show your teeth. Hold your smile for about 5 seconds and then point them together, as if you’re kissing someone. Hold your pucker for 5 seconds and then smile again. Do this exercise 20 times a day.

Whistle. Just whistle for 5 minutes on a daily basis.

Side and Rotate. Hold your lips together, move them to left, or right, whichever you are comfortable. Hold that stretch for 5 seconds, and then move to the other side and do the same. Do this for 15 minutes. Keep your lips tightly closed and do the kiss motion. Rotate them clockwise, 3 times. Repeat the same act on the other direction. You can do this for 10 repetitions.

Lip Exfoliation

Exfoliating the lips remove the dead skin cells and promote better blood flow in them. It irritates the lips, enough to cause them to plump and react to anything you apply. There are many ways to exfoliate the lips, but the most effective one is to exfoliate them with honey and sugar. 

To begin, mix a little amount of raw honey with brown sugar. Just mix enough for a lip scrub. Put the mixture onto your lips, making sure that the sugar granules are scrubbed on a circular motion. Rinse it off, pat dry your lips with a clean towel and then you could choose to apply olive oil or lip balm afterwards. Some would just apply honey for a natural shine. In fact, when you apply honey on your lips as you go to bed, you’re lips would appear bigger and reddish in the morning.

Lip Plumper

Although some results may not be as pronounced as filer injections, the topical lip plumper is still considered effective. Now, you can find different brands in the market, but finding the best that will work for you might be challenging. One suggestion that’s worth your interest is the Lip Service of Protege Beauty. It is a lip plumper that contains Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol - all of which have high anti-oxidant compounds and anti-ageing properties. Lip Service promises to repair and restore youthful lips like they were before in your 20s. Otherwise, they will return your money. 

As a conclusion, it is always sensible to try out natural beauty procedures first before spending thousands of dollars on almost irreversible cosmetic ones. Beauty regimens don’t have to be expensive at all. There are limitations to the outcome though. You cannot expect to have a Kylie Jenner pout just by exfoliating with honey and sugar or by applying a lip plumper. So have practical expectations, too. Otherwise, there are always surgical procedures for a very dramatic result. 

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