All Natural and Safe: How To Grow Your Lashes and Make Your Eyebrows Fuller

October 27, 2015

Longer eyelashes and fuller eyebrows are probably one of the most coveted beauty alterations that  many women have - of course next to facelift and rhinoplasty. Cosmetic clinics and beauty salons offer eyelash extension services and well, some hair growth regimen for the eyebrows. For the able, the price may not hurt them, but for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money for these changes, there are natural ways to grow the lashes longer and thicker, as well as to add more volume to the eyebrows.

Natural Eyelash and Eyebrows Enhancers

  • Vitamin B3, also known as niacin/niacinamide vitalises eyelash growth. It helps improve blood flow to your hair follicles and in the reproduction of cells. This vitamin helps avert eyelash breakage and aids the body in reproducing a certain protein called keratin, which helps with hair growth. This makes the vitamin best for growing eyelashes and eyebrows naturally. Vitamin B3 could be taken orally, or could be taken from food like peanuts, liver, asparagus, mushrooms, tuna, and sunflower seeds.
  • Vitamin C bolsters the immune system and defend the eyelashes against infections, toxins, and other conditions that inhibit proper hair growth. Also, this vitamin helps repair damaged follicles and reduces inflammation while assisting in collagen production. Vitamin C can be ingested as a tablet or can be consumed through foods rich in Vitamin C like Brussels sprout, grape fruit, cauliflower, strawberries, oranges, and kale.
  • Vitamin A is another antioxidant that triggers eyelash and eyebrow growth. Foods like pumpkins, apricots, red peppers and peaches are best natural sources of Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin E helps protect the body against free radicals. It helps increase the blood flow to the body, which encourages more hair growth. Seeds and nuts are good sources of Vitamin E.
  • Olive Oil can be applied on the eyelashes and eyebrows before bedtime. It’s Vitamin A and E contents can stimulate the growth and strengthen the hair follicles.
  • One half tablespoon of castor oil can be mixed with Vitamin E to make a paste of this concoction. The paste can be applied using a clean mascara wand every night before bedtime. 
  • Aloe Vera and Almond Oil are both widely used as hair grower. You can mix 1 tablespoon of each ingredient and apply the blend on the eyelashes and eyebrows using a clean mascara wand.

    If everything else doesn’t work, or if you are not satisfied with the results of any of these natural eyelash and eyebrow growers and are looking for other natural way to grow them, you can opt for commercial eyelash and eyebrow enhancers that are made with natural ingredients. You don’t have to expose yourself to chemicals in order to achieve long and thick eyelashes or bushy eyebrows.

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