How To Stay Confident With Your Stretch Marks 

October 30, 2015

Have you had those moments when you want to wear your bikini, but decide not to because you’re not ready to show the world those vertical streaks on your tummy? Or have you had those evenings when you want to wear a cocktail dress to a party, but couldn’t do so because the streaks from your underarm have crawled down to a visible spot on your arm? Well, you’re not alone in that situation. While it’s true that stretch marks can change the overall look of your skin, the situation is not hopeless at all. There are ways to deal with stretch marks, although the process may take time and may not remove all the streaks completely. 

Your Stretch Marks and Your Self-Confidence

Stretch marks can impact any woman’s confidence who have them. People are not normally confident and happy with their imperfections. So, if it feels like your self-confidence has decreased due to this condition, know that like many other women with stretch marks, your reaction is normal. However, when it starts to affect your quality of life and interaction with people, then maybe it’s time that you do something about it. In a survey conducted about women’s insecurity, one teacher said that, “I have very bad stretch marks from being pregnant with my first son and it made me really insecure to the point that I didn’t want to have sex with my new boyfriend with the lights on. It has affected my love life and my sex life.” When an insecurity begins to take control over your life, it makes you drift away from happiness to begin a saga of a miserable life. So, how could you be confident with your stretch marks when they are right there staring back at your in the mirror?

3 Practical Ways To Be Confident With Your Stretch Marks 

  1. Take your stretch marks insecurity into perspective. Look at it from a different light. Aren’t these stretch marks a trace of successes? Don’t they tell your stories? For example, did you get your streaks from pregnancy? That’s a beautiful thing. Not every woman is capable of giving life to another human being. Being able to bear and give birth to a child is a wonderful story to tell everyone. Have you pigged out for years because you love eating, or because you are a stress eater? If you got streaks from too much weight gain, be proud because for years you have been celebrating and enjoying life, or that you have been coping from stress. If you got your stretch marks from sudden weight loss, take note that it’s not healthy, but at least you are successful in your weight loss feat. You have to learn to embrace yourself with your imperfections because they are a part of you. You have to learn to respect yourself because it makes a difference in the way you act around other people. There’s no makeup that could fake and hide your insecurities, but your own feeling of security about yourself. 
  2. Wear them out. You could start wearing a tank top and allow the stretch marks on the side of your underarms to show. Or, start wearing your bikini to a beach outing with friends and family. If they stare at your streaks, just let them and smile at them. If you get into this habit, you’d realize that it really doesn’t matter that you have stretch marks. These streaks don’t make you less of a person. Do people really care? Maybe some, but who doesn’t understand stretch marks?
  3. Treat your stretch marks. There are treatments to stretch marks, but you have to be patient as results may not be visible right away. However, the mere fact that you are doing something to lessen the visibility of your streaks can already give a feeling of security knowing that you are anticipating for some good changes around the affected areas. There are home remedies that you could try on, but because you are eager enough to see faster results,  you may opt for cosmetic products sold online or in the market. However, don’t expose yourself to chemicals as this may pose greater risk to your health than do good for you. Choose something that is made from natural ingredients.  







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