LUMINATE Natural Skin Lightening Cream

What It Is

A Skin Lightening, Anti-Aging Cream with Natural Ingredients

What It Does

Naturally Blocks Pigments from Forming
Protects Skin with Powerful Antioxidants
Nourishes Skin with Natural Emollients, Moisturizers and Vitamins
Restores Skin to a Youthful Glow
Protects Against Sun Damage

    What Else There Is To Know

    Free of Hydroquinone, Mercury, Bleach, Tranexamic Acid, or any Other Harsh Chemicals Typical of Skin Whiteners.
    Sunscreen Should be Used with this Product if Spending Time in the Sun.
    For Spots and Melasma, Use Only on Affected Areas.
    3 Months of Usage Necessary for Significant Results

    Type: Cream

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