Fix-A-Zit Acne Spot Treatment Bundle with X-Zit Natural Acne Control Treatment Cream (Fix-A-Zit + X-Zit)

  • ACNE SPOT TREATMENT - Fix-a-Zit is an all-natural, yet effective way to fight zits. It works while you sleep, so you can wake up to clearer skin. Pimples are gone in 2 days, and it works for teens and adults, all skin types.
  • QUICK AND EASY - After washing, rub in a tiny dab of this all natural acne gel on each zit before bed. See results the next morning.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN 96% of Users Report Significant Reduction in Acne Pimples. This Natural Acne Treatment Works for Nearly Everyone.
  • CLEARS YOUR COMPLEXION Over the First 4-6 Weeks You Use X-ZIT Acne Treatment, You will Notice Your Skin's Acne Becoming Less Apparent. Start Feeling Confident About Your Skin.
  • COMPLETE GUARANTEE - Protege Beauty goes far beyond Amazon's return policy, with a 365 day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, simply contact Protege Beauty for a full refund. No questions asked. NOTHING TO RETURN. You risk nothing when you order Fix-a-Zit. So order now!

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