NaturalLASH - Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancement Serum

What It Is

Serum to enhance eyelash and eyebrow growth

What It Does

Clinically Proven key active complex KGF Peptide stimulates roots, increasing the number of lashes & promoting growth

Provides hair follicles with nutrients that stimulate hair growth

Formulated with Grape Seed Extract to help fortify & condition lashes while improving the length, fullness & softness of the eye lash & brow

Focuses on hair growth, volume & lustrous eye lashes

What Else There Is To Know

NaturalLASH works over time. Expect results to start being noticeable after about 5 weeks.

Will not grow hair where it is not desired

The 10ml tube will last about 4 months -- suitable for long-term growth and follicle maintenance

Type: Serum

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