2 Ways To Tie A Headscarf

May 05, 2017

First look -

1. Our first look works on a variety of hair types, but you’ll need a little length to play with– at least a lob. This a great way to encourage natural waves and curls for texture! We begin by folding your favorite scarf into a triangle, then twist it into a long, lean silhouette, like a headband.


2. Center the scarf across the front of your hair, playing with placement until you’re happy with the amount of hair framing the face and the position of the scarf over the top layer of your hair. Tuck in the tip of the triangle in the front center that may peek out.


3. Tie into a knot at the nape of your neck.


4. Begin wrapping the underneath hair from one side up and into the twisted scarf, tucking as you go.


5. Continue tucking hair until you reach the other side.


6. Now you can make any adjustments to the final look – we pulled out a few wayward curls here and there to enhance the free-spirited vibes of the style.


The final look.


Second look -

1. Our second look works great over soft flat iron waves. Begin with your scarf folded to a triangle.


2. Lay the triangle on the top of your head, with the point of the triangle lying on your forehead, then wrap the two back corners around to the front and tie once, over the triangle.


3. Tuck the tip of the triangle into the previously tied portion.


4. Tie a final knot over the previous one. Then you can move the scarf around a little until you’re happy with the placement. Tuck in any corners that might be too square on the sides.


The final look

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