May 05, 2017

No brow gel to set your eyebrows? No problem! This DIY really works and some people swear it lasts longer than brow gel. Here’s how:


  • Disposable mascara wand or a spoolie brush (You could also use a toothbrush!)
  • Your favorite hair spray (Use a flexible hair spray instead of a strong hold so the hairs don’t look too frozen.)


1. After you’ve filled in your brows (optional), grab a spoolie brush and spray it with hairspray, holding the bottle 2-6 inches away from the bristles.


2. Now brush the base hairs upward (I like brushing the inward and upward).


3. Continue brushing upward as you move toward the tail. Start brushing outward as you move along.


4. Brush the tail hairs downward along its natural direction.


5. Here’s how your brows will look like after the hack.

Taming your brow hairs made easier.. And more affordable! No more worries when you grow your brow hairs thicker to make it more on fleek. Try out NaturalLASH - Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancement Serum to see the difference.

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