DIY Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

May 05, 2017

DIY Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Here is a makeup remover which is 100% natural and raw, and can be used as a hair mask or body oil too. This trick is the easiest, fastest and (could be) cheapest option you have to remove the most stubborn waterproof liner, liquid liner, long wear shadows or eyebrows.


  • Organic coconut oil 
  • Facial cloth



1. Dip two fingers in the coconut oil and scoop out a nickel-sized amount of the coconut oil. It will start to melt pretty quickly with the body temperature of your fingers so don’t dilly dally! Rub those two fingers with the identical two fingers on your other hand. (Never ever forget to sanitize your fingers with antibacterial soap).


2. Look in the mirror to make a mental photograph then close your eyes  and gently rub each eye with the corresponding fingers.


3. Continue gently rubbing the oil over the makeup on both the top and bottom lids. You’ll feel the makeup melt away under your fingers.


4. Pick up the facial cloth and wipe everything off on the bottom lid.


5. Repeat on the top lid as well. And if you’ve filled in your brow, one sweep will take it off too!


And voila! After removing your makeup, don’t forget to cleanse with your favorite cleanser. You know the drill.


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