Easiest Valentine Date Updo

May 05, 2017

Easiest Valentine Date Updo


  • Your favorite dry shampoo
  • Your favorite texture spray 
  • Clear elastics 
  • Bobby pins 
  • Your favorite flexible hair spray


1. This hair was curled the day before. It was slept on and not brushed in the morning, so ” second day hair ” is a big yes for this look.


2. Spray your favorite dry shampoo at the root.


3. If you need additional texture or if your hair feels too soft (like it will slip out of bobby pins) add a light styling aid using your texture spray, scrunching it into the middle and ends.


4. Grab two small sections from the front/sides above your ear. Tie them together in the back using a clear elastic. (see photo for placemen


5. Flip that! Twist that ponytail up and over itself (we went inward toward the scalp). Remember in grade school when you would do the “topsy turvy”? That’s basically the same thing.


6. Use 3 more small elastics and make 3 tiny low ponytails like you see in the photo.


7. Take the middle ponytail and tuck it up and over your top (twisted) ponytail. I like to give these sections a little twist on their way up. Secure these sections using a large bobby pin. You can do detail work at the end using smaller pins but it’s best to secure first using the larger pins.


8. Continue pinning your side sections.


9. Again notice she’s giving it a small twist away from the face before tucking and pinning. It creates better texture and color depth.


10. Continue twisting and pinning.


11. Add extra pins for extra security if you need them!


12. At the end, if you see any fallen pieces, flyaways or hairs out of balance, use small bobby pins to tuck and secure!


13. Finish using a flexible hairspray.


Here’s the look from the front. This isn’t supposed to be a big, voluminous look. It should be subtle and simple, but if you feel the need to pump up the jam, get your teasing comb out and do you. Enjoy your date!



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