Eye Party Makeup

May 05, 2017

Eye Party Makeup


  • Shimmery black eyeshadow
  • Burnt sienna eyeshadow 
  • Eyeshadow brush 
  • Laydown brush 
  • Black liquid eyeliner 
  • Shadow liner brush 
  • Black cream liner 
  • Cream liner brush 
  • Ivory shimmer eyeshadow 
  • Volumizing mascara



1. Sweep a shimmery black eyeshadow across your lid from the lashline up to the crease with a laydown brush.


2. Add a burnt sienna shadow just above the black from the crease upwards, stopping just below your brow bone with our favorite eye contour brush. Think of it like adding a sunset above the horizon of an asphalt road. Then blend everything to soften both shadows.


3. Trace your upper lashline with a smudge-proof black liquid eyeliner.


4. Sweep the burnt sienna shadow along your lower lashline with a shadow liner brush.


5. Add a waterproof black cream liner along your lower lashline with a cream liner brush, really concentrating it between your lashes.


6. Rim your inner waterline with a black eyeliner.


7. Blend the edges with an ivory shimmer shadow using a blending brush. You never want to see the highlight below your brow; it’s part of directing attention to your eyes, but shouldn’t be visible, so please blend!


8. Finish the look with a couple coats of a volumizing mascara that’s not stiff.

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