Fitness tips and tricks after a festive Christmas

May 05, 2017

Fitness tips and tricks after a festive Christmas

Instead of using the holidays as a reason to further spiral out of control, use the holidays as a time to challenge yourself to get healthier. For those of you who actually had a healthy year, don’t let the holidays break you! Here are few fitness tips and tricks after a festive Christmas party.

Be a Stair Master

One of the many fitness tips you can always incorporate into your day is to opt for the staircase instead of the elevator. You’ll be floored when you realize how many more butt-burning calories you’ll be torching when you step UP your game. All those extra steps will help shrink your waistline just in time for swimsuit season.


Power Walk

During daylight hours, try parking your car in the furthest, yet safest, spot available. You’ll harness more tone-up and trim-down time, while getting some fresh air. If you take the bus or subway, get off a few stops before your destination and power walk the rest of the way.


Clean Your House

Be a domestic goddess (or god) and engage in light, household chores, while burning off calories. Vacuuming, window-washing, dusting, or doing laundry to your fave tunes will tone you up, trim you down, and torch that Twinkie in no time.


Clear Your Drive

Your drive is going to need clearing but why pay someone to do it when you can do it yourself? Shovelling all that snow will help you burn the calories. Plus snow can get quite heavy so it’s a good muscle building exercise too. You can even get a little creative and turn it into a game with friends and loved ones. Split the drive into two halves and then have a race between two teams to see who can clear their half first.  Not only will you have a clear drive and a bit of extra cash in your pocket but you will also burn some calories and spend quality time with them.


Engage to Fun Outdoor Activities

  • Go sledding - As long as it snows, then sledding is a great Christmas exercise.  All you need is a sledge and a hill. Sledding is great fun and you can involve your family and friends. Plus, you will burn quite a few calories whilst lugging the sledge up the hill.


  • Snowball fighting - Snowball fights are another great exercise and this time you don’t even need a hill. Split your family and friends into two teams and then let the snowballs fly. Not only will you have a fantastic time but with all the running, ducking and diving you will be getting a good workout.


  • Ice skating - If there’s a frozen lake in your town then your local council may convert it into a makeshift ice rink. If so why not head down with the family and have some fun? You can race, try some impromptu figure skating or simply just skate around the rink. Whatever you choose you are sure to enjoy yourself and you will give yourself quite a good workout too.


  • Build a snowman - You may not think that building a snowman is good exercise but it can be. All the walking around, scooping snow and building the snowman can quickly lead to lots of burnt calories. Plus, it’s a great family activity.

Achieving feel-good fitness doesn’t have to be a grueling exercises. You just have to know when to seize those exercise worthy moments using these simple, sculpting fitness tips and tricks and incorporating them into your everyday routine. What are you waiting for? Get moving!

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