How to Instantly Tighten Skin and Fight Under Eyebags

May 05, 2017

How to Instantly Tighten Skin and Fight Under Eyebags

Skin will always contract and tighten when it’s cold. So try this on mornings when you need a little extra help and watch how much more awake and rested you’ll look.


  • Your favorite egg sponge
  • Ice water A 
  • bowl or cup


1. Place egg sponge in ice water.


2. Squeeze out excess water.


3. Roll and press anywhere you want to constrict and de-puff.


4. Use the same sponge to apply foundation or loose powder.


5. Apply makeup as usual.


For touch ups, or really cold weather especially winter days, you may use a go-to spitz that helps tighten your face and pores, and gives an instant lift MISTIQ - Rapid Lifting & Tightening Spritz + Primer and Pore Minimizer. This is 100% made from natural ingredients, so it’s definitely good for the skin.

For a permanent eyebags de-puffer, here’s a cream you can use every night so that you don’t have to apply an ice-cold water in the morning MEZMEREYES Bio-Restorative Anti-Aging Eye Cream. Again, this is made from 100% natural ingredients, so nothing to worry!

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