The Concealer Warm Up

May 05, 2017

The Concealer Warm Up

The under-eye area is a tricky one. Covering dark circles can go awry and frustrate even the most skilled of makeup artists! Especially when the product creases and accentuates the lines. But you can actually help prevent that from happening by doing this one thing that accomplishes two results.

When you swipe the concealer stick against the inside of your arm where your pulse is, it:

1. thins it out so you don’t apply it too thickly and
2. warms it up with your body’s temperature so it glides on and melts in more easily.


  • Your Favorite Concealer Stick 
  • Your Favorite Concealer Brush



1. Swipe the concealer stick against the inside of your hand where you would check your pulse. This thins out the concealer.


2. Wait at least 30 seconds while your body temperature warms it up. While you’re waiting, work on a different feature of your face!


3. Sweep the brush against the product on the pulse of your arm to load it with a thin layer.


4. Now follow the hollow of the under eye area, where the skin is the darkest.


5. Continue along the hollow as shown above.


But here’s another secret that can actually help you prevent to do the trick above - less hassle with just 1 tool.. And here’s the catch - permanent effect. Yes, it can’t be removed by a wet wipe. Try MEZMEREYES Bio-Restorative Anti-Aging Eye Cream, an eye cream made from 100% natural ingredients that can help those restless eyes look and feel healthier.

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