The Lash Lift Secret

May 05, 2017

The Lash Lift Secret

Of course you can lift your lashes with a pinch of a curler. But did you know you can do it by switching to a thicker mascara and pressing it upwards at the roots at the critical moment when the formula is drying? Here’s how:


  • Your favorite mascara 
  • A thick and greasy mascara formula



1. Apply a couple coats of mascara by sweeping and wiggling it through the lashes as you normally would.


2. Now switch to the thicker formula and press it upward at the base of the lashes (the roots), starting at the outside corners where you really need it.


3. Then continue moving the wand along the base of the lashes and repeatedly pressing upward.


If you really want to your lashes up, you can pinch them with a lash curler before your first coats of mascara. Combining both techniques will curl and lift them. Or you can leave them with the regular application and not lift them. Or you can make your lashes grow longer permanently the natural way so you don’t have to apply coats of mascara all the time. Try using NaturalLASH - Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancement Serum.

But remember, makeup is all subjective to your taste and what resonates with you!


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