Anti Wrinkle Sleeping PROtips

July 18, 2014

Wrinkles are a part of life. There are creases that are inevitable. But luckily, there are creases that can be prevented. Because we all know creases never look good on anything.

On the average, there are 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week, 2,912 hours a year that we spend sleeping. Those hours really add up to erode our skin! So don’t spend them making sleep lines too! When we put weight against a pillow, we are pressing the skin forward, creating a crease or a “line” anywhere there is pressure forward. Fortunately, there are sleeping positions (and anti-wrinkle pillows) that can help put a stop to fine lines.



  • Consider yourself lucky! This is the best way to sleep and avoids creasing your skin.
  • Sleeping on your back also prevents chest wrinkles that are caused by sleeping on your side. Another reason to change the way you sleep!



  • Purchase an anti-wrinkle pillow and fret not about sleep lines because you won’t get them (except for chest wrinkles).
  • If you’re not ready to purchase one, try to tenderly pull your skin towards your ear just before you lay your head on the pillow so it doesn’t wrinkle forward. But keep in mind that you could lose control if you toss and turn during the night and reverse the position. Also, you can go bend your arm, elevate it by your face and place your face so it lies in in the middle of the V shape.


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