6 Frequently Asked Questions About Acne Treatment

November 03, 2015

If you are trying to understand things about acne and how to deal with them, this blog answers 6 most frequently asked questions about it.

1.   What Is Acne? 

Acne Vulgaris, or simply known as acne, is a skin problem that involves the hair follicles and the oil glands. It usually begins to occur at the onset of puberty as this is the time when the male hormones start to stimulate the oil glands. While acne is not life threatening or anything dangerous, it could leave deep, permanent scars.  

2.   Who Gets Them and What Cause Them To Appear?

Acne appears when the pores of the skin is clogged up. The pores connect to the oil glands through the hair follicles. The oil glands produce sebum, which carries dead skin cells to the surface of the skin through the hair follicles. Unfortunately, these follicles get blocked and when they do, oil begins to accumulate under the skin, allowing bacteria to grow. That’s when zits begin to form.

Acne is more common among the teens and young adults, but anyone could get acne due to many different reasons like wearing oil-based makeup, poor skin hygiene, high androgen levels, and hormonal changes. Some studies indicate that people’s susceptibility to pimples could be genetic, too. 

3.   Does Acne Go Away On Their Own?

Well, they normally do when the affected area is kept clean and free from oil. They dry up on their own and just leave. However, that’s not always the case. Some individuals would have severe outbreak that they need to apply pimple gel or cream to treat swelling and pain. But most of these treatments contain benzoyl peroxide - a compound that is found effective in reducing acne lesions. However, many people have allergic reaction to this compound, and instead of alleviating them from the suffering their acne is causing them, they get to suffer more as a consequence of using products with this ingredient. Also, studies have mentioned that benzoyl peroxide has a potential to be carcinogenic.

4. Can Popping My Acne Make Them Go Away?

No, certainly not! Popping your zits wouldn’t make them go away. Instead it’ll make matter worse for you as infections could occur, and deep scars may develop as a result from pricking or popping your acne. When you have acne, you need to refrain yourself from touching them to avoid irritating them and placing more bacteria on them.

5.   Can They Be Treated Naturally? Are Natural Treatments Effective?

Yes, acne can be treated naturally. You can slice a garlic or an onion and apply the juice directly to the affected area. The antibiotic properties of these two can help cure zits. You can also apply potato juice and or lemon juice to your acne lesion or dark spot caused by an acne to lighten that area. However, it may take quite some time before you’d see results. If you are someone who gets impatient easily, this may not be the right skin care you need.

6.   What Other Treatment Options I Have?

You can buy an acne spot treatment that is benzoyl peroxide-free. Some would have a good formulation that treats zit quicker that most acne treatments in the market. Compare the ingredients, price and which one claims to give faster results.


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