4 Ways To Naturally Get Whiter Teeth

July 22, 2015

Everybody wants whiter teeth. Some people's teeth are naturally whiter than others, and may only respond to aggressive whitening treatments, but if you want to whiten your teeth naturally, then here are methods you may try.

1. Eat crunchy foods. Carrots and celery helps remove most of the sticky sugars and bacteria that cause stains and cavities.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor and the dentist away. Apples contain malic acid—a chemical used in teeth whitening products that dissolves stains.
  • Vegetables, like cucumbers, broccoli, celery, and carrots also have natural tooth whiteners. Because they're crunchy, they stimulate saliva, which aids in reducing tooth stains.
2. Rinse with water after eating. Removing leftover food residue from your teeth will prevent staining and decay. Rinsing after meals is an especially good idea if you're away from home and can't brush your teeth.
3. Eat fruits with tooth whitening abilities. Certain fruits whiten teeth naturally. They simply whiten teeth. For example, strawberries contain whitening agents and are used in popular home remedies for tooth whitening and bleaching teeth.
  • Rub strawberry onto your teeth or make a paste out of strawberries. It's necessary to brush your teeth immediately with toothpaste after rubbing strawberry on them, though, because they contain acids and sugars that can be harmful to your teeth.
  • Don't use lemon. Dentists have confirmed that lemons contain ascorbic acid, which dissolves tooth enamel, making teeth more susceptible to cavities. Thus, you should never apply a paste made with lemons to your teeth if you wish to avoid permanent damage to your teeth.
  • Consume raisins. Like crunchy veggies, raisins also stimulate saliva production. This constant tooth washing helps rinse the plaque away and prevents build up.

4. Eat more cheese. Alright, alright, it sounds a little ridiculous, but there are recent studies that actually say that eating a bit of cheese after a meal can potentially help to prevent tooth decay and promote enamel remineralization.

  • Milk and yogurt keep teeth sparkling and cavity-free, too, because they contain the minerals calcium and phosphorus, which promote the remineralization of tooth enamel.
    • You may be thinking that strong enamel has nothing to do with a white smile, but it does. It's the outermost layer of your teeth and, therefore, is not only what you see, but also a protectant. When it becomes stained, it determines the color of your tooth. Replenishing the calcium and phosphate that builds it up will keep it strong and healthy.


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