Find the Perfect Pink Shade For Your Skin Tone!

July 30, 2015

Pink lipstick — the most basic of all lip colors, yet often the hardest to select. One wrong move and we’re left looking more like we just had a cherry popsicle than the “Pretty in Pink” vibe we were going for. Not to worry! We'll help all of you in your quest for the perfect pink lipstick!

Fair/Light Skin Tones: If you’ve ever used the word “pale” or “light” to describe your skin tone, look for pink lipsticks that are “either more crisp in pigment or soft and sheer.” When it comes to color, we recommend choosing a peachy pink shade — this will help neutralize your reddish undertones. Other options are petal pink shades with rose or lilac tints.

Medium Skin Tones: Lucky ladies — if you have a medium, olive-based skin tone, you can pull off most shades of pink. Just avoid shades with blue undertones that tend to wash you out. Instead, opt for a luscious watermelon shade or a nude-ish pink for a more natural look. Also, you can never go wrong with deep pinks that have hints of caramel and brown.

Deep Skin Tones: Bright and bold pinks perfectly complement darker skin tones. If you’re feeling daring, look for shades in the magenta family that stray towards fuchsia. For a more toned down look, try a lighter, purple-toned pink. Just avoid any ashy, neutral pinks — they’ll wash you out!

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