4 Simples Ways To Intensify Your Mattress Experience

October 20, 2015

When it comes to steaming up and enhancing sex life, anyone is allowed to be creative. And while there are too many ways to do it, a simple use of lube would do wonders for any couple who are looking for more intensity and smoother carnal sailing. But for couples and other individuals who are wondering how a personal lubricant could help spice up their sex life, and or are looking for different ways to use the lube, this article is for you.

Reasons For Using A Personal Lube

There are different reasons why couples use personal lubes for sex, and most of these reasons can be summed up into three categories.


Well, sex is supposed to be fun and couples who love to have longer foreplay and intercourse, the lube provides that extra pleasure when used properly. For example, flavored lubes can spice up the usual oral sex and it’s safer to use than honey or whipped cream according to Dr. Charlie Glickman, a sex educator and coach. 

Better, Safer and Healthier Sex Life

While couples may think and talk dirty during sex, the actual act doesn’t have to be unsanitary and unhealthy. What many people are not aware of is that lubrication can actually inhibit infections. Lube-less intercourse allows more friction and heat, which boost bacterial growth. With a lube, the friction is less. And talking about less friction, there’s less probability that condoms will break in the process; thus preventing unplanned pregnancy.

For women who are past the menstruation age, or for those who are going through some medical conditions that cause vaginal dryness, using lube is extremely necessary. Some men thought that rubbing lube to their penis before putting on a condom could increase their sensation when having sex.

Easier Glide 

There are quickie times and there are moments of surprise when the new boyfriend is more endowed than the previous one, which could make sex a little rough and painful without proper lubrication. Surely, anyone wants a smoother glide in difficult situations, so, the lube is your hero. 

But When Should You Use A Personal Lube?

  • Foreplay and Body Exploration. Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a sex therapist who authored the book She Comes First, gave an advise to couples saying that before they start stimulating each other’s private parts, they should explore each other’s body first by massaging one another. “There's so much to touch and massage, like backs, nipples, shoulders, even small erogenous zones like your earlobes, that you can drive each other crazy before sex even starts.”
  • Sex in the Shower. Water washes away the natural moisture, which is why you need a lube to make sure that the pipes are slippery all through out the course.
  • Teasing. You and your partner could apply cooling lubricants on sensitive parts of your bodies and tease each other by blowing on each other’s skin.
  • Anal Play. Whether you are exploring anal play for the first time or have been doing it with your partner, a lube comes in handy in ensuring that both of you will enjoy this ride. Since the annus doesn’t have natural lubrication, it is necessary to put as much lube as needed. 

As a summary, using a personal lube is very common among many couples across the globe. If the lube isn’t enough to add more excitement to your sex life, you and your partner could explore more ways to spice it up. A pleasurable sex life is often achieved when there’s respect and enough considerations of each other’s needs. 

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